The future rewards those who keep on pushing. Where do you want to be tomorrow?

Sundays is a hands-on design agency. Unlike most design agencies we also have our own online and offline store. That's why we understand better than anyone that success requires a lot of work, each and every day for as long as it takes. Our goal is to work together with our clients building strong and solid foundations that will get them exactly where they want to be tomorrow. 

Our experience and skillsets come from more than a decade of work with clients both big and small. What we learn from our daily challenges with running an online store we teach our clients. We are passionate about creating meaningful customer experiences, building marketing automation, telling stories, analyzing data and designing clear user interfaces for all screens.

We offer you

Friends & Collaborators

SoFokus, web development
Punos Mobile, app development
Shopify, e-commerce platform
WordPress, web platform
Ritanen, Kormano & Co, advertising agency
Klok, video production
Gray Wolf Ventures, investment

Clients, old and present

Sanoma Pro, Oppi ja Ilo, Alma Media, Berner, Burson-Maersteller, Suunto, Qentinel, Edrington, A-Insinöörit, Gizlo, University of Helsinki, Arctech, Eficode, Brandt and many others

Meet the Makers

Thomas Leppä

UX Designer & E-commerce expert

Alba Bordes Sola

UX Designer

Gemma Bordes Sola

Designer & Illustrator